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Are those feeling yours? Etherical Cords

Have you felt down or really tired after meeting with someone? Have you had constant thoughts or pictures of them in your head, dreams or wake up in the middle of the night thinking of them? It's not that you're in love or obsessed with the person. More than likely, it's that they 'plugged ' into you.

More and more people who feel lost and disconnected themselves are looking outside of themself to fill their own void or lack of ability to find their peace. They don't feel confident or loved or even yet, have been able to love themself.

We all have etherical cords located in our solar plexus, the stomach and center area on our body. The solar plexus represents the color yellow and is our power center.

There is a thin silver cord that connects our spirit to our physical body. This cord is meant to keep our spirit connected to our body during sleep, when our spirit leaves our body to explore or do 'work' in the quantum field. Some people, however, will use this cord and literally plug into another person's solar plexus. This then drains the person of their own energy and emotions. The person is siphoning the energy from her victim and feels the reaping of her actions by feeling more uplifted, happier and energized. The victim, however, feels drained, extremely tired and anxious. The anxiety felt, is most likely because the victim's body knows that another person has violated her energy body and space without permission. The body is all knowing and will always give us messages.

If you feel anxiety, depressed, down or anything else, ask yourself 'is this ________ emotion mine?' Sit and wait for your body or mind to give you an answer. If you notice that it's associated with a person that you keep thinking about and how drained you feel in their presence, it's time to remove the cords. I find cutting the cords is not enough. I like to get to the root of the cord. Find yourself a Selenite wand. It's a white delicate crystal that is very powerful. Bring the wand to your solar plexus and visualize as a sword. I point the wand in my solar plexus and visualize the roots of the plugged in cord and wrap them around the wand. I then pull the cord with the roots out of my solar plexus and cut them. Visualize burning the cord all the way back to the person that plugged into you and announce 'you have no permission to plug in to me. You have your OWN power and capabilities.' Visualize the ashes being blown away. Then fill your solar plexus with white light to fill any hole. Run the selenite swiftly down and all around your body to cut away any energies that may be around you.

Run the Selenite all over your body swiftly while visualizing cutting any energy off that is not yours daily before bed so that you are clear before going to sleep.

I also use an Energy Clearing spray if interested to remove unwanted energies in a room or around me.

Ancient oils of Spikenard, Frankincense, Laurel Leaf, Lavender and a dash of Sea Salt does the clearing! Contact me for a bottle: 610 241 6589.

Blessings and Love


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